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Become an Inbound Marketing Expert

  • Tracking & Analytics

    Learn how to use tools like Google Analytics to see what marketing efforts are working and how to make data-driven decisions.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Learn how to optimize your website so that you can start pulling high converting search traffic to your website.

  • Content Marketing

    Learn how to create content that actually converts visitors into customers.

  • Social Media

    Learn how to leverage social media platforms to build a hardcore fan base and attract new customers.

  • Finding Customers

    We'll teach you all the tools and methods you need to find customers who are already looking for the solution you offer.

Meet Your Lessons

Everything you need to start driving customers to your website, even if you're brand-new to marketing.

  • 1
    Getting Started
    • Welcome to Market Campus
    • Getting to Know You
    • Join the Community
    • Brandon's Marketing Stack
  • 2
    Figuring out Your Customers
    • Building Your Customer Persona
    • "All That We Share" Commercial
    • The $10 Survey Hack
    • Finding Your Demographic
    • Customer Interview Cheat Sheet
  • 3
    Tracking Your Marketing
    • Getting Started with Tracking
    • Intro to Google Analytics
    • Setting up Google Analytics
    • Google Analytics Demo Account
    • Important Terms to Know
    • Understanding Traffic Sources
    • The Different Sections In Analytics
    • Adding Additional Users
  • 4
    Navigating Google Analytics
    • Using The "Real-Time" Section
    • Using The Reporting Features
    • More Reporting Features
    • Breaking Down The Audience Report
    • Breaking Down The Acquisition Report
    • Breaking Down The Behavior Report
    • Understanding Conversions
    • Setting Up Goals and Conversions
    • What Is "Not Provided?"
    • Google Analytics Quiz
  • 5
    Using UTM Parameters
    • Introduction to UTM Parameters
    • Real Example of UTM Parameters
    • Building URL's With UTM Parameters
  • 6
    Removing Spam and False Data from Google Analytics
    • Ghost Spam Filter
    • Crawler Spam Filter
    • Language Spam
    • Excluding Internal Traffic
    • Using Segments to Hide Historical Spam
    • Using Google's Bot Filter
  • 7
    Learning SEO
    • Intro to SEO
    • Google's Matt Cutts Explains Search
    • Indexing & Caching
    • Using Google Search Operators
    • SERP (Search Engine Results Page)
    • Types of Keywords/Search Queries
  • 8
    Optimizing Your Website for Search
    • Key On-Page Elements
    • Content and Keywords
    • Meta Title Tag
    • Finding The Meta Title Tag
    • Meta Description
    • Optimizing Your URL's
    • On-Page SEO Quiz
  • 9
    Understanding Status Codes and Redirects
    • What are Status Codes?
    • Download Redirect Path Extension
    • How to Use Redirect Path
    • Wildcard Redirects
    • How to Create a Redirect
  • 10
    Moz SEO Toolbar
    • Who is Moz?
    • Download the Toolbar
    • Setting up the Toolbar
    • Understanding Moz Metrics
    • Moz Metrics Quiz
  • 11
    The Little Known Search Sin: Duplicate Content
    • Understanding Duplicate Content
    • Fixing & Preventing Duplicate Content
    • Duplicate Content Resources
    • Duplicate Content Quiz
  • 12
    Getting Google to Crawl Your Site Properly
    • Using robots.txt
    • The "noindex" Tag
    • What are Sitemaps?
    • Site Crawl Quiz
  • 13
    Using Google Search Console
    • What Is Google Search Console?
    • Setting Up Search Console
    • Submitting Your Sitemap to Search Console
    • How to Use Google Search Console
    • Search Console Quiz
  • 14
    What Search Keywords Should You Target?
    • Finding Good Keywords
    • Setting up AdWords
    • Google Keyword Planner
    • Finding More Keyword Ideas
  • 15
    Calculating the Best Keywords
    • Moz Keyword Explorer
    • Keyword Explorer Tutorial
    • Assigning Keywords to Landing Pages
    • Keyword Research Quiz
  • 16
    Links 101
    • The Importance of Links
    • Anchor Text Basics
    • When to Use "nofollow"
    • Careful Link Building
    • More Bad Ways to Build Links
    • Links 101 Quiz
  • 17
    Building Links & Partnerships
    • Outreach Versus Public Relations
    • Types of Outreach
    • The Do's and Don'ts of Outreach (Part 1)
    • The Do's and Don'ts of Outreach (Part 2)
    • The History of Link Building
    • Finding Blogs for Outreach Through Google
    • Using Followerwonk for Prospecting
    • Staying Organized in Your Outreach
    • Outreach Template Tutorial
  • 18
    Site Architecture
    • Site Architecture Tips
    • Activity: Testing Page Authority
    • Dealing With Javascript & Flash
    • What Is Internal Linking?
    • Internal Linking Types & Tips
    • Finding Internal Link Opportunities
    • Site Architecture Quiz
  • 19
    Making Your Site FAST
    • Why You Should Care About Page Speed
    • Google PageSpeed Insights
    • Wordpress Solutions
  • 20
    Auditing Your Website
    • What Are Site Audits?
    • SEO Site Audit Template
    • How to Use the Audit Template
  • 21
    Optimizing for Local Searches
    • What Is Local SEO?
    • Optimizing Your Local Presence
    • Which Local Directories Should You Focus On?
    • Getting Positive Reviews
    • Responding to Reviews
    • Using Moz Local
  • 22
    Creating a Mobile-Friendly Site
    • Mobile SEO and Design Types
    • Mobile SEO Tips
    • Testing Your Mobile Experience
  • 23
    Creating Content That Humans Love
    • Content Marketing 101
    • An Amazing Case Study
    • BONUS: Marcus Sheridan Presentation
    • How Content Marketing Helps SEO
    • Repurposing Existing Content
  • 24
    Creating Linkbait, Not Clickbait
    • What is Linkbait?
    • Infographics
    • Egobait
    • Resource Content
    • Tools For Content Creation
  • 25
    The Perfect Brainstorming Process for Content
    • Coming Up With Content Ideas
    • Using Google Analytics for Historical Data
    • Additional Resources
    • Tips for Brainstorming Sessions
    • Finalizing Your Content Ideas
  • 26
    Promoting Your Content
    • Amplify Your Content
    • Publishing on Outside Networks (Part 1)
    • Publishing on Outside Networks (Part 2)
    • Notify Your Sources
  • 27
    Hacking Quora
    • Using Quora to Your Advantage
    • Setup Google Alerts
    • Hijacking Search Results
    • Optimizing Your Posts
  • 28
    Building a Brand on Social
    • How Do I Increase My Social Following?
    • Some General Tips
    • Always Be on the Offense
    • Running Contests
  • 29
    Marketing on Facebook
    • Optimizing For Facebook
    • Sharing YouTube Content on Facebook
    • Facebook Live Streaming
    • Live Content Ideas
    • Optimizing Your Videos
    • Utilizing Facebook Groups
  • 30
    Marketing on Instagram
    • Getting a Business Profile
    • Using Business Insights
    • Curating Existing Content
    • Optimizing Your Posts
    • Pushing Traffic to Your Website
  • 31
    Marketing on Twitter
    • Maximizing Engagement on Twitter
    • Growing Your Following
    • Monitoring Twitter for Customers
    • Using TweetDeck
    • Event Hashtags
  • 32
    Open Graph: Where Content Meets Social
    • What Is Open Graph?
    • Implementing Open Graph
    • Getting Creative w/ Open Graph
    • Fixing Open Graph Issues
    • Open Graph on Wordpress

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    Yes, this course is 100% online and completely self-paced. You'll also have access to the Market Campus Mastermind Student Community where you'll be able to get help with your learning and your actual marketing.

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    The course is taught by Brandon Hassler, who has over a decade of digital marketing experience. Brandon has done marketing for everything from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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    This is more than an online course. You’ll be part of an exclusive student community where you can get help and participate in discussions 24/7.

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