"Finally, a marketing course that doesn't suck."

Market Campus takes a straight-to-the-point approach to learning. Our lessons cut right through the fluff and get right to what you actually need to know to get results quickly.
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Become an Inbound Marketing Expert

  • Tracking & Analytics

    Learn how to use tools like Google Analytics to see what marketing efforts are working and how to make data-driven decisions.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Learn how to optimize your website so that you can start pulling high converting search traffic to your website.

  • Content Marketing

    Learn how to create content that actually converts visitors into customers.

  • Social Media

    Learn how to leverage social media platforms to build a hardcore fan base and attract new customers.

  • Finding Customers

    We'll teach you all the tools and methods you need to find customers who are already looking for the solution you offer.

Meet Your Lessons

Everything you need to start driving customers to your website, even if you're brand-new to marketing.

  • 1
    Getting Started
    • Welcome to Market Campus
    • Getting to Know You
    • Join the Community
    • Brandon's Marketing Stack
  • 2
    Figuring out Your Customers
    • Building Your Customer Persona
    • "All That We Share" Commercial
    • The $10 Survey Hack
    • Finding Your Demographic
    • Customer Interview Cheat Sheet
  • 3
    Tracking Your Marketing
    • Getting Started with Tracking
    • Intro to Google Analytics
    • Setting up Google Analytics
    • Google Analytics Demo Account
    • Important Terms to Know
    • Understanding Traffic Sources
    • The Different Sections In Analytics
    • Adding Additional Users
  • 4
    Navigating Google Analytics
    • Using The "Real-Time" Section
    • Using The Reporting Features
    • More Reporting Features
    • Breaking Down The Audience Report
    • Breaking Down The Acquisition Report
    • Breaking Down The Behavior Report
    • Understanding Conversions
    • Setting Up Goals and Conversions
    • What Is "Not Provided?"
    • Google Analytics Quiz
  • 5
    Using UTM Parameters
    • Introduction to UTM Parameters
    • Real Example of UTM Parameters
    • Building URL's With UTM Parameters
  • 6
    Removing Spam and False Data from Google Analytics
    • Ghost Spam Filter
    • Crawler Spam Filter
    • Language Spam
    • Excluding Internal Traffic
    • Using Segments to Hide Historical Spam
    • Using Google's Bot Filter
  • 7
    Learning SEO